is this tension i thought observing the chequered

parrot flung over the windscreen framed by a half-

rainbow over wagga kim broke us with an anecdote

& you sighed into the pillow at least once it was

morning in a church lana del ray left an imprint

on the rafters she’s pressed to the streets even a

hopscotch anthem we were inimitable growing

older every month apart the coffee shop was listing

over the tracks like a scale model drained of interest

the whole structure surprised by cash payments &

my hand on your knee trembles lightly in the outtake

you turned back & lit the hazard lights only two hours

away the internet empty but for one search string

inverted commas to geo-locate us & a bracketing

of years every place we arrived at was pre-filtered

x-pro subtly straightened to aid walking i’m not

confident shirtless but i’m searching the room for

memories ordered your leftovers & wandered into

the sun alex leaves his lens open on the ground he

talks about a specific house then gifted me a certain

tired joy that crushed grass the sign of a real pro


in nsw in victoria or anywhere the mural artist eats

a meal with her wine i think it’s always me scared &

problematic under your gaze my jaw feels bent with the

worry but perhaps it is just staring down risk like a cowboy

i photographed your quartz ramping up the bokeh the

business card a pretty blur it seemed meaningful but

imagine a queue of shadows with purposeful stances &

charming eyebrows all of them landed gentry professional

suitors nothing complex natural conversationalists

you’d smile sweetly into the distance i boil the kettle


opinions are an anti-quality but talking always

fashionable & the entire west was ours the domed

houses the rain & each & every bar she asked if

i was writing just random words & i filled the couch

with a riverina crispness in the building foyer when

we spoke we were in a band i drank a room

temperature bortrytis from the bedside when you

were tired that day space was so empty then

violet told me things well into the morning but

i’m committed to distraction an atypical gemini

riding out this benchmark august plotting definitive

gestures in a car-park where i give you my hand

& the scratches are just a prop see insulated

by the car the universe is at last bounded

no references to interpret no need