three chunks of text that have stuck with me over the last 24 hours:


the artist furiously plays drums in the middle of an abandoned boeing 747, in the middle of the desert. simultaneous embrace & letting go? or is it a convenient overlay? do we engage in the repetitive activity we feel like doing, as a way of occupying ourselves (in the face of memories), embracing & letting go? i don’t know.


i really like the idea of activity devoid of direct intellectualisation. this feels like a worthy goal. but how do you do that? in this video piece the artist kneels as close as possible to a massive waterfall. i’d like to have faith in sensation, on occasion.


i was almost immediately concerned by the sentence before the contract signature. how can you see that a desire is likely to result in happiness? it seems like a negating clause, one that might keep the artist from actually having to take this seriously. my desires have to stare down unlikelihood & complication. i think that’s what’s makes it worth it: having faith in sensation, embracing / letting go, risking certainty.

again, still. i don’t know.