a time lapse of the day’s end & this

it parallels your own pathetic fallacies.

the suffuse orange hues symbolic

of all turning points in your life,

the crimson-to-blue banding of the eastern sky:

it just means ‘you’ / your significant romances.


make of this what you will. & you will –

it’s what you do – ever creating order

from the stimuli. that much at least, true.

at home now she doesn’t think of you,

this. controlling her emotions she’s patterning

all-of-the-things. you are unhelpful & complex.


take the narrow road back

to the homestead & stop dwelling

on your own dramas. as if on cue,

the deep dusk disappears, gets lost,

gives over to black. take something

from this night, these words.

if it’s the deletion of all memory

it just makes sense.