this framing device the latest of boxes

in a long line but resolutely mine:

all the rooms ever labeled ‘my room’

just shifts in tone, squares to irregular rectangles

from grey seas to adult sufficiency


but look i’m here in my nook: an L-shape

between bed & cupboard facing back

to the lamplight (what’s the emoji combo for this mood)


my image cataloguing is as yet mundane

(unemployed smokers (a peculiar type of

‘verandah squat’) + dogs in yards) but

there’s always time for more things


digital decay


days prior & almost unthinkingly i saved

a facebook headshot & thought of tiny polaroids

in wallets, chaotic creases pre-internet but the same

un-knowable truth-value: is that your girl?


i’m literally from the wrong side of the tracks

now but the vanishing point on sunset

from here feels worth the risk