20151009 narrandera homei’m liking the picture-leading-a-blog-post format at the moment. we took the cat exploring in my backyard for the first time this evening & discovered this compost heap. it’s nice & practical – open air but enough distance from the house. it’s nice to find things & document then. it makes me happy. i’m not sure if the cat was happy. she mostly digs locating moving tiny creatures & capturing them in her jaw. i try to protect the little creatures but she’s a wily kitten.

i have become a bit suspicious of the recent trend of recounting things you’re ‘grateful for’ online. i mean i never take anyone to task for it though. whatever helps is useful. but i don’t think you need be grateful to anything/one for the things you notice. you just need to actively do the noticing, reminding yourself of the things/ideas/sensations/people that are beautiful & that surround you.  it’s then fixing these things via memory. it’s a process like exercise. it’s a language game, a bit, maybe. the colours don’t exist until i name them. so too the things that make me feel good.

today i did a lot of driving. but i tell people i like driving (& i do) because it’s the most effective way of ruling out doing anything else. it clears your to-do list & therefore it also clears your worrying mind (maybe just a little bit). i don’t so much like the ache in my legs.. but anyway. hey see how i actively captured the good thing that is driving? (i bit down on it like it were some little common garden lizard).

prior to that i got to see some beautiful artworks. i photographed one, a method of capturing, but i also do so now here, textually. reinforcement. it’s the refraction through the material, working like a sundial throughout the day, slight changes in tone & placement, endlessly giving.

i also got to spend a brief grab of time with a beautiful person. & i mean that in all of the ways. i drove away thinking of open cut mines again, notions of metals & rarity. how many people have you met in all of your life? & out of that number, how many do this to you? platinum, tantalum, francium rarity? idk. i think maybe none before.

so then it’s later & i pick up a present for my beautiful daughter who turns 5 tomorrow. it was a hard window of time to create, but i get to mall in wagga & make this happen. she has to have something special to unwrap in the morning, you know? of course her sister gives away what it is within minutes… also, i have no tape, so the present is wrapped in a very, um, original way… but my prediction is she will find this quirky or probably not even care. i have a few more years to lift my game.

i didn’t think i had much to say & usually i come to this blog a bit worried about something, looking to sort of ‘write it out’ in the open. but then here we are, you & i, together at the end of another long-ish ramble. it’s very quiet & still. there’s only the soft bark of distant dog. this is all there is, right? oh i forgot to mention those sandals – only the quickest glimpse but now i have that too.