i’ve listened to this track more times than you have. i was going to prefix that sentence with ‘it is a reasonable assumption that’ but what’s the point. i usually put it on when i have a long drive to make early in the morning. i don’t know why. the song speaks to me about the unknowable nature of private experience, mapped ‘togetherness’. i like how dempsey writes lyrics like ‘we can’t go back the way we came’ but also ‘don’t go getting all deep and meaningless’. so maybe i do know why i keep playing it.. mostly tho, there’s the briefest section of the song that always gives me shivers. it’s so reliable. the auto sensory meridian response never fails. it’s the middle eight, the breakdown, the bit where the beat goes half-time. it feels like the musical equivalent of everything i’ve ever lost or might gain. all the stupid emotions of life summed up in a plaintive slow cry. i don’t know. reasons.

‘won’t you let me sew a thousand sequins to your sorrow’

but again, the middle eight. that snaking guitar line of semi-tones almost gets lost but then somehow winds back into the pre-chorus. it feels like the perfect sonic representation of your inner chaos. just pulling it all together at the right time. moments before things might derail.

‘who’s side of my brain are you on anyway? / you just stroll through my head like you own the fucking place’

i keep thinking about the #DateMe floral arrangement, almost mouthing the words, daring myself.

these are my favourite tracks from the album. i guess they’re the saddest but that’s too simple. i just wanted to share these songs with you. because you’re important. because reasons.