i was interviewed by the local paper this week, the narradera argus. one of my poems has been shortlisted for best poetry in the upcoming issue of fourW & it’s kinda nice that someone is interested in talking to me about that. the best bit was this though: the journalist didn’t bother to ask the question i was expecting, ‘so what’s the poem about?’ instead he asked the title, then if it was a series of short poems. i said no, it’s one longer poem. great he said, & wrote that down. & that was the end of that. so i’m expecting a story along the lines of ‘narrandera-based writer publishes one long poem’. & i like that. it’s the straightforward truth.

i told my sister about the poem tho & she did ask ‘what’s it about?’ i sort of fudged the answer & just said it’s about a certain period of time, covering lots of stuff that happened during a few days. there’s a line in it ‘i facebooked my sister’ so i thought she needed to be aware of the impending publication. there are some other things in it too. i’ll tell you later.

i’ve just recently collaborated with local artist Sarah McEwan on an installation work for On Common Ground (it’s on this weekend only!) after i drafted some text for the work she too asked the inevitable question. & look there’s nothing wrong with this. people will ask such things. people are people. she was even more probing in her question tho, asking who the poem is about, & then (despite me not answering properly) asking if whoever it was about would be visiting narrandera & attending On Common Ground. that made me laugh a little bit because it seemed so silly & impossible. however beautifully that plays out in my mind.. but anyway, you decide:

(the title of the work is ‘indigo’. hill indigo is one of my favourite wildflowers that pops up down near the river in narrandera. they’re not blooming anymore but i took the photo at the end maybe a month ago.)


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