so prior to that i was shopping online

under a green thematic lazily basketing

t-shirts, mossy agate jewelry (sterling silver

embossed rivulets), a frog book & it’s maybe

anything for the deforestation of experience,

a practical felling of all past options to enable

an ethical replanting, even earlier lying flat

on the office floor, self-treating this mysterious

shin ailment, where i was just the embodiment

of an awkwardly tall exclamation mark

set into paginated flooring, not yet ready

for editorial disapproval, but the track changes

pop in an emerald shade, see your thoughts

clear & measurable, traffic light bubbles,

a purgatory of intentional distancing of

accidental connections, anything else &

we’re positioned in a canopy of leaves,

gazes level as if over a half-eaten apple,

surveying our preferences & the world where

everything visible or thinkable can be yes-

or-no but always materialises somewhere

in between, a wispy shade of chartreuse,

a persistent green dot of activity