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this is the thing i’m doing in sydney fairly soon. you can come to it if you want to.

i do have a work thing on the next day. it’s the only reason i’ll be there. i can’t really go anywhere it seems without there being a good enough work-related excuse. often i think i should just invent the excuses. i should have. then you’d be glad to see me, not thinking too much about the why of it all. often i do.

years ago i had some poems in the ‘best australian poems‘, 2009 & 2010 editions. it’s a long time ago now i know. i’ll probably never have work selected again. it doesn’t bother me now. but when the first one happened it was pretty exciting. i went to the launch of the book in sydney. there was something else on (i can’t remember what, probably a band) but the thing i do remember was meeting 4 or 5 people at this launch, all of them asking me what i was doing there. ‘you didn’t come here just for this?’ said one highly regarded writer, who knew just how ‘regional’ i lived. he had this quizzical kind of smirk on his face. i was really embarrassed. i still am even just thinking about it.

you can’t do anything for silly reasons. that stuff needs to be cloaked. jousting knights wore their hearts on their sleeves but they were knights, right? strong & purposeful – admired throughout society.

anyway listen to this it doesn’t need reasons: