it was no drill i was forced into your new gaze:

this latest ephemeral work a black-&-white set piece

also a seaweed tangle / an effective silk binding

keeping me just as long i want to be kept


all shared images are stray whims &

(i’m a gueswork enthusiast) the erasable glow

of thought spurs reassessment / deletion

then i wrote: be more specific fullstop let your

experience illustrate ‘all the concerns’


be the experience you know / et cetera / silly advice


we’re all pioneers, maverick place-makers but

people like you / a backlit open-shouldered stretch

opens up this temporal space / or just the line-to-line

of the newell highway past my driveway giving desire

a direction / or another name right


i swear off ‘liking’ things tho really / we’re real-talking

in the browser now blank yet conscious of things

maybe only after-the-fact / this was after everything

after all & in a clotted network of sentiments here

i’m identifying with the song lyrics, at rest on my yoga mat:


loose me / peak me / clarified me / ever-so-briefly /

this lamplight flatters the bass line & a moth gets wrecked

in the damask curtaining, or the emotions / past instances

or images don’t matter but do look at me like that / again /

when we reach the specified emergency assembly point