one of my favourite instagram accounts is a guy called @mysterystan. as far as i can make out he just takes photos at Mystery Bay, a small spot close to Narooma. i’ve been camping there before. what i like most about his work is the endless variety of colour, perspective, subject, all found within such a small geographical range. it is a beautiful place, but still. i guess it’s all about developing an eye for the changes of light & tone, really getting to know a place & its subtle variances.

i’m interested in that sort of macro focus. looking more deeply at the place you are in rather than endlessly seeking new vistas. looking at who you are too, unearthing things that are curious. we’ve been to the river every weekend since i’ve been here & there’s always something. the indigo plant of a few months back. the koala sarah & i saw running on all fours along the road a few weeks ago. the brooding skies of this afternoon. i really like living right back on the murrumbidgee.

20151101 narrandera storm

of course i think i misinterpreted the smtp date stamp of an email today, not recognising a possible 65 day digital delivery delay. it’s hard to tell. reasonably probable but. i feel kind of stupid about it. it occurred to me on the riverbank, prior to racing to the car to avoid the pelting rain. i wonder if mystery-stan confuses himself with correspondence, people etc. i doubt it.