your privacy settings unlocked it’s

the era of talking about ourselves

in the third person she says ‘it’s not

that’ but it is / & everything always is

the implied or hinted at nothing:


left my phone on for the whole flight

ignored the emergency exit instructional

i’ve always been subversive but a bit shy

(riding out a buzz like a hazardous raindrop

no outer-sill raindrop path, unknown

touching where this might end like

in a sense see: you’ve never wanted it

to end, the propellor secured / the captain

looses the language down to ‘truth’ setting

idk why complicate expression (i thought)

while considering txting truths, like:


do you like me


was the past a mistake


is there a future


but it seems stupid like so much else

an arc above the rain into the daylight

savings sun & here we all are, packed

in transit


principle 2: map the value stream

i miss u but i can’t see that

reciprocated / your choice


(principle 3: flow)

do u want to run away with me