hey while i eat lunch & scroll the feed

does it feel convincingly scripted or idk

yep i plan for the future like i’m an animation

alex called it persisting with the words again

coining life tho i mean is it hard to avoid

entire places? curious marks on my hand:

some fragments the mystery of the to-do list

lost three days of heat & sweat in that

far-western hotel obliterated most stuff but

what does any recurring pattern identify?

dreamed of your kids staring glumly over at me

over across an olympic pool & how is your dog

anywayz it’s all season endings artificial tears

as actors wrap up emotions under this veil of

storyline i’d see the broken stubby glass

an entryway of charm the city is just

a viewing platform carpeted with dead

branches & a sappy view only the native

garland lilly stays hidden & prolific sustained

my expression of interest the logic &

logistics of the fb local gossip page here

i’m general manager of robots in the sun