hello welcome to the time of writing framed by a borderline

fantasy of palm trees & green coconut paving


where mangrove theory impresses or imprints i was holding

a static hangover gently amidst sheets


i guess time is a wide-eyed doe for everyone     when we’re fucking

the deepest sensations are plain fleeting when i’m losing friends

i’m gaining stability & look there are bays of smeared moonlight


or smudged radiation? hmm everything a window

on danger & attraction at the same time     mind you

no-one can avoid dread & climax


but like he said i am killing at photovoltaic scrabble with ‘now’

placed as every evening tho cropped for incrimination

you’re the dog we’ve all come to love!

the stinging nestles in & in-jokes

feel sage      a key branding decision