twirl a parasol while searching on ‘dusky’

how it applies to eyes specifically while away

time picturing a quiet look while we talked

afterwards, disabused of all fucked-up-self-talk

under the fan, the noise


why fib i wasn’t searching all day & edit that out but

we are always trying things for the first time together

it’s a mirror view of broken hills underwater


like my drive home coming off meds, a fevery dizziness

when i swivel my neck at an emu, moved slightly

to tears by a taxi etc. how to distinguish boundaries?

either a raised threshold for dizziness or tears? scared tho

you swallow two tablets before even patting the cat &

muse: every album is just working through a relationship,

the dots of socio-political imagery just icing, or dots, &

each song a way to celebrate a being-ok-with-you-as-you,

mostly hopeful mostly lies


the attempt is uplifting nevertheless, so delicious

a recipe (we were baking after a long time

of not baking, a cheesecake-style slice that bubbled

then settled into a solid apex, this is why) frameworks

creep in as underthought, convenient as a distance in time,

two days ago, or perhaps maybe not (this should be

revisited for better irrigation of emotional landscapes) wrote:


‘irrigating your emotional landscapes since the 1980s’


slogans for my latest joke business venture: my only

reliable party discourse & i fall backwards so often:

a straw that is also a pen; a consultancy firm that articulates

the solution you already know you want, suggests

a rebranding to the colour red evermore      but we’re

too busy for realism & re-thread the threads

while reclining in a puff of smoke


static websites will make a comeback man & every email list

is a celebration of the drumming in Mayonnaise & look

the keyboard player died & it’s a leap but oscillate with me

to Dumbledore in the new adaptation of Little Women

& for a brief while local tribes fought white settlers but

they were always back for the watered country


i find my obnoxious approach to people still unhealed?


um counterpoint: everyone is a purist for the original

Anne of Green Gables that diffuse orange light

a mosquito net of protection from the contemporary

if only mosquitoes were individual doubts

about my individuality


(emma watson & emily watson should work together

on a film project / is that the toxic coating on my skin

talking / regardless, Beth is still about to die)


twirl a parasol while away time

picturing a quiet look

under the fan, the noise