i prefer roads to airports always will

let’s not playact we’re explorers grizzled under

an ornate moustache or two ounces of petticoats

never abandoning our coats in a bar never

losing sight of the objective


when is the moment of discovery? huddling in the rain

it’s a more contemporary sign of romance ho hum

i wrote this but also danger (i thought that) like knitting narratives

under a tap, thought plashing & my faux-corduroy nylon jacket

was just a projection backdrop reinforcing leftist beliefs as if

politics is a possum glimpsed with autoflash eyes or

a phase of the moon to pass through


‘on this day’ pls imagine things pictorially for me 🙂

a sleepy powerpoint will do, somehow graph idea / action

/ privilege thanks


there is no need for emotional labour beside your yellow

& purple fabrics see      constructing poignancy is hot

but also danger really, whether running through

that world of rain or perched on a walking mangrove foot


two thousand & seventeen was unpublishable anyway


‘a tree cannot walk’ (what does go mean?)

putting lyrics to music one evening, as above

you decide erasure is a the key failure to avoid but then

once i reviewed gigs in poems that too was foolish, exploratory


the planet can still smell of my cologne 20 hrs later

a playful elbow or two later, a mutter about

the swell of bass later, the muted harp later &

those sequins, like i said & wrote:


this year we sit on tree roots before we crest

new decades with your hair soft & ringletting


the persistent raindrops (white feathered leaf dodgers)

persist & rats make the drain-cover-call & yep i’m sloppy

with clichés & cartoons & this is a bouncy sobriety!

i’ll write more on the plane home (i write this) but also


don’t label-make      i thought this     like last time but

resisted writing & revealing we’ll see hey mate