About Derek Motion

1514589_10152091803382258_1990131941_n (1)Derek Motion is a writer and arts-worker.

Winner of the 2009 Overland Judith Wright Prize, he has had work published in major journals such as Cordite Poetry ReviewMeanjin, Southerly, The Age and Overland. Poems featured in the Best Australian Poetry series 2009 and 2010.

Derek Motion obtained his creative writing PhD at CSU in 2011. He previously spent 5 years as the Artistic Director of the Booranga Writers’ Centre, and is now the CEO at Western Riverina Arts.

Derek’s most recent collection of poetry The Only White Landscape was published by Cordite Books in 2017.

Derek’s first collection of poetry lollyology can be purchased here.


6 thoughts on “About Derek Motion”

  1. how do I join the blogroll?

  2. Partially Horizonital in Daylight?

  3. typingspace said:

    kelly – i have to add you to it. i can probably do it. the list is terribly out of date anyway. um, maybe tomorrow… or the next day…

    paul – yes. one’s library chair does tend to slant towards the horizontal axis more & more as the day progresses.

  4. Greetings, Derek,

    Would you mind dropping me an email via jskinner(at)bates(dot)edu? This may come as a surprise, but the ecopoetics issue that includes your poem “Learning About Explorers” is finally about to be printed, and I wanted to run a proof by you, plus get some additional information (short bio, mailing address). Thanks!

    Jonathan Skinner

  5. typingspace said:

    oh yeah, ecopoetics. will do jonathan.

  6. enjoy being in this space derek and reading your work

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